This is an all organic tincture made specific to help with after birth pains and womb cramps of any sort!
This product is gentle and effective, formulated using herbs and bark to support women in their postpartum time.
This formula helps to balance hormones, contract uterus, build blood, bring in milk supply, balance emotions, and prevent postpartum blues.
Monthly menstrual mayhem got you down? Are cramps cramping your style? Solve your problems with this herbal tincture!
This formula is a combination of four key herbs. 
Red raspberry leaf is a woman's tonic. It is rich and nourishing, due to being high in potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, B-complex, and lots more. It helps to relax smooth (uterine) muscles ,relieving mild menstrual cramps. 
Nettle is a like a natural multivitamin. It contains high levels of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, B-complex, and more. The nourishing vitamins give you just the boost you need during this time of natural cleansing. 
Cramp Bark is an herb that helps relieve painful cramps! (Should not be used in pregnancy.)
Motherwort is another woman's tonic herb. It helps to nourish and improve your overall female well-being, which can improve your mood .
This is a powerful way to feel better during "that time of the month!" It can also be used postpartum for after pains.
***************************************************These statements are not evaluated by the FDA and do not represent medical advice. ***************************************************Because of the nature of all Live2Serve Products, there are no refunds. All items are made to order with love. If you are not satisfied  for any reason, contact me anytime!
All orders are handmade with love. Please allow 5-10 days for your order to be processed, created and shipped. This amount of time also takes my birthwork into consideration. As many of you know, the nature of birthwork is highly unpredictable! I will never let that compromise the quality of your products! Thank you for your patience!

Femi-Flex Feminine Muscle Soothing Tincture


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