Use this sacred time to restore your womb and aid in the healing of it with this herbal blend!  This blend can be used 3 different ways! 
1. Vaginal Steam
2. Herbal Tea
3. Sitz Bath
This blend is intended for the early postpartum period to soothe and tone sore, sensitive tissues, while encouraging healthy circulation as your body works to clear and heal your uterus.Some other benefits of steaming can include regulating your cycle, decreasing dryness, and stimulating libido. This is a practice of self-care, maintaining health, and honoring and connecting with your body- it is not about cleaning or sanitizing part of yourself. 
Every herb serves a purpose. AntisepticHealingToningSoothingRestoring

2oz bag= 2 steams/15+ servings
These statements are not evaluated by the FDA and do not represent medical advice.
Please consult your physician before using. This item is not to be used  to replace or disreguard any professional medical advice or treatment. This is not a supplement, nor a substiute for any current medications.

Postpartum Wellness Steam Blend

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