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Coming as a necklace or bracelet!

Amber jewelry is great for all ages!
It is nearly an essential in our home. 

This amazing jewelry helped us survive the teething phase of our sweet girl! nearly 3 years later, we still allow her to wear her amber jewelry!

To learn more, read below!
Please read the safety section at the bottom before purchasing!

Amber is a fossilized resin, which comes from ancient trees. Due to processes of polymerization and oxidation this tree resin turns into Amber over many years’ time. Amber is not just a beautiful substance for making jewelry, but it is also thought to have potential healing powers. 
Amber has healing and health benefits is because it contains Succinic Acid. This acid is what provides Baltic Amber with healing, anti-inflammatory, immunity enhancing, stress and pain relief properties. When natural amber jewelry is close to the skin, created warmth allows releasing succinic acid and then it is absorbed into the bloodstream.
Necklaces and bracelets, which are made of Baltic Amber Beads are popular and effective natural remedy for teething babies. When Amber is worn close to the skin for a long time, beads of this natural fossil becomes warm. Created warmth from the skin causes natural oils in Amber Beads to be released, which in turn helps to minimize most of the symptoms associated with teething.

This Baby necklace is made of Certified Raw Amber Beads sourced from Lithuania . They are almost round, smooth & convenient to wear around the skin.
Safety: This Teething Necklace is made with plastic screw clasp and also each Amber bead is knotted individually to further improve safety of this necklace;
Please be mindful when allowing your child to wear their necklace to sleep. Please remove before naps and nighttime.
Packaging information: This necklace will be packed together with certificate of Authenticity. This certificate proves that this teething necklace was made only from genuine Baltic Amber Beads.

Because of the nature of all Live2Serve Products, there are no refunds. If you are not satisfied  for any reason, contact me anytime!

Soothing Amber Teething

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