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When the Doula is Due!

March 13, 2017

Yes! We are expecting again! Baby Harmon is expected to arrive in August.


So, what does a Doula do when she is Due!?!

Great question!!



My first birth, was not natural. I begged for the epidural! I knew from the beginning that I was going to have a hospital birth with an epidural. I also knew, that when you have a hospital birth, it is a very good chance you cannot eat. So... While in labor I told my husband to take me to zaxbys for my last meal! Yes, you read that right. I was in the Drive-Thru screaming waiting for my kids meal. Because of my pregnancy and birth, I decided I needed to find away to help other mommies be well informed and very aware of their options. That's a whole 'nutha post for another day!


Nearly 4 years later things have really changed! I have learned so much and shared what I have learned with others. Now that we are expecting again, we have every intention of doing things differently! We also understand that things don't always go as planned. So, you will notice below that I say " we plan to" often through out this post.


Here are the questions I have received so far from people when we share the news with them! 


Where are you going to have your baby?

I plan to give birth at a local birthing center. It's not even a mile from our home! I have worked there in the past as a Doula, so it is pretty surreal being there as a patient. My midwife was so thrilled to find out I was pregnant! 


Why a birthing center and not at home? 

Well, in this area there are few midwives ( at the time this was published) that do home births and allow your insurance to take care of the costs. Most require cash...that we don't have! To be honest, the birthing center would have been my number 1 choice if a home birth was an option for us. 


Do you have a Midwife or an OB?

I have a Midwife. She has been in the game as long as I've been alive!


Are you going to have a Doula?

Of course! If I couldn't afford anything else, a Doula was a must! I hired my Doula at 14 weeks. I feel, the earlier the better. Doulas are a wealth of knowledge and can help you with so much during your pregnancy and not just your labor! It is also great to hire them early, to pay for them as soon as possible. I did not want that on our plates towards the end of our pregnancy! Just as I am with all my clients, my Doula  is very flexible in regards to payments. But we set a personal goal to have her paid in full by 20 weeks.


Choosing your Doula, was it easy?

NO! When you are a Doula yourself, it is not easy finding one to care for you. I interviewed a few and finally found one that was a perfect fit for me! It literally has to feel right. If it doesn't, don't do it. Your Doula will be by your side when you are most vulnerable and you must be comfortable around her. When I found the right Doula for me, I cried...literally! I waited until she left our interview of course! It was taking much longer than planned to find one and I started to worry that I wouldn't find one. I actually had more interviews lined up.....cancelled the rest of them, because when you know, you know... you know!?


Will you have a water birth?

I plan to at least labor in the water for a while. If the baby comes in the water, great! If I need to get out and squat, totally fine with me. I am open to whatever my body requires of me to bring this baby earth side. 


Do you have a birth plan?

No, I don't. Not at this time. I am sure I will work with my Doula later to create one. I know that I am in good hands when it comes to my birth team and I am always given informed consent every step of the way. Which is why I am not freaking out over making one. 


Do you know what you are having?

No we don't! We also have no intentions of finding out! Seems unheard of lately, but this is truly one of the last surprises of our lives. I did want to find out at first. My husband has been firm on not knowing the whole time. Took me a minute to warm up to the idea but now I am excited to meet this baby when (s)he arrives! Not only will I have birthed without fear, but I will also have a sweet surprise!


Do you have names?

Yes we do, we are not sharing them at this time with many. Mainly due to unwanted opinions you seem to get when people find out your names. At least that's why I am not sharing the names. I'm sure my husband could care less! So that will be a sweet surprise for everyone!


Do you plan to have a lotus birth?

No I do not. While its an excellent idea, I plan to only delay the clamping of the cord. Once the cord stops pulsing and sweet baby has all (s)he needs, my midwife will then cut the cord. But can we take a moment to think about how amazing our bodies are!? We create an organ that is only used for the nurturing of a life inside of us. Once the baby is born, the placenta comes out-because the job is done! The Most High is SO amazing!


How long will you stay at the birthing center?

Usually after you give birth, you are home within a few hours. I have yet to work with anyone who has stayed overnight. There is very little clinical intervention, so there is no need to stay longer than a few hours. The Midwife makes sure your vitals are normal, the staff treats you to a nice hot meal of your choice, checks to make sure your baby is okay and home you go! I almost lost my mind during my hospital stay, so I am most excited about being home in my bed with my family within hours of giving birth!


Do you plan to breastfeed?

Absolutely! I was only able to breast feed 4 months with my first child. Simply because I didn't know any better. This time around I want to meet my previous goal of breastfeeding for a year, more than a year if possible! I would much rather let him/her self wean. Again...these are my hopes. I am totally fine if things happen that we don't expect!


EBF or pump?

Both! I plan to Exclusively Breast Feed for a while, but I would like to pump every chance I get to create a hefty stash! I am not sure where all this milk (that I have as a goal to pump in my head) is gonna go. Our freezer is mainly occupied by large bags of fruit... so something will have to give! Oh wait, Mom- can I use some of your freezer space!? Ha! Kidding....or am I!? Seriously, once baby self weans I want to have a stash to use for a while. When I run out and feel like (s)he still needs "breast milk" I will use my recipe for all natural home made breast milk until I think (s)he no longer needs milk. I also offer this to any mommy who wants to get their child off dairy or wants to have an healthy option after breastfeeding! Book your Natural Breast Milk Making Session today!


How long do you plan to work?

At my full time job, I plan to work until I go into labor. As a Doula, I will stop taking on clients after June. From June to October I will only accept clients using my Digital Doula Package only. Spaces are limited so please, if you are considering me as your Doula, book me and put your deposit down ASAP!


Are you getting an ultrasound?

Currently, we have no intentions of getting an ultrasound. They are not necessary unless your care team states otherwise. BUT the last couple days, my husband has been asking me "are you sure we're not having twins?" *insert eye roll* Just to be sure that there is only one bun in the oven... I will likely go to my old OB and ask for one. Me, having twins!? I could not imagine! I am all for surprises, but an extra baby is something we need to know about! haha!


Do you plan to encapsulate your placenta?

No I do not. While it is a popular choice among mothers, we will not be encapsulating the placenta. If you are interested in doing so, I am connected with women who exclusively provide this service.


I hope this answers all of your questions! feel free to check out my new website to learn more about what a Doula is, my items for sale, and more!


Thanks for stopping by!

Come back for the next post: My Herbal Pregnancy






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