"Wherever you are, there I will be."

I mean this in every aspect of how I serve others.


I literally meet you where you are. whether you are; tired of fighting a confusing diagnosis and you just want to understand it better, or you are ready to learn more about healthy eating to save your family. Whatever you're needs are, I am happy to start at that point and navigate you to the best you possible.


I support  mamas in all birth settings. Hospital, Birthing Center, or at home. I also support natural births, vaginal births with epidurals, planned inductions, Cesareans and Vaginal Births After Cesareans (VBACs). I will support you no matter the location or type of birth. Whether planned or unexpected, I am by your side.



Health Consultation

Need a change and no clue where to start? Schedule your 30 minute or 1 hour consultation today!

Doula Consultation

Looking for a Doula? Lets chat to see if we are great for one another! contact me below for your free consultation! I offer a wide variety of services and flexible payment plans!

Birthing and New Mama Services

Not looking for a Doula but you do want breastfeeding education? Or, need to know some comfort measures to prepare for labor? Want help creating a birth plan? Schedule me for any of these " a la carte" services today!

Quick Advice

Need to know a quick herbal remedy? Need simple but fast advice without setting up an appointment and getting dressed to leave your home?

For the price of a co-pay, let me give you a solution!


Serving Upstate South Carolina

and surrounding areas



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