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Doula Packages


From: $900

Include a discount on recommended products from the Live to Serve store


Duration: 3 months. 

1 monthly call with you and your partner 

Fertility nutrition session

Fertility herbal session and plan

Unlimited text access during business hours for you and your partner (by group message).

Monthly supply of custom vaginal steams as well as other herbal blends and any recommended items from my store (except sweet lovin syrup).



*We will take all holistic measures to INCREASE your chances of pregnancy while working together. This does not guarantee conception during the time we are working together. It is highly recommended that after the 3 months, any habits developed, are continued once our time together concludes to continue to make your womb a welcoming place to bring forth life*

Placenta Medicine 

From: $330

Placenta Medicine is a natural way to support a peaceful transition to parenthood and the vital and blissful state of bonding with your baby, while carefully turning the hormones, trace elements, stem cells, vitamins, and other placental nutrients into gentle postpartum supplements. This can be done by creating capsules and a tincture.


Services discounted if added to any Doula, Education or Lactation services

All Prices include Pickup from location of birth in Upstate SC within 15 miles 

Encapsulation $330

Encapsulation and Herbal Postpartum Kit $380 

Both Options come with a free gift

*Herbally Infused Placenta Tincture $50 additional fee to package.  A La Carte Package Available*

Labor of Love

From $1500

Designed for the mommies that are sure in and of themselves and only need minimal Doula support.

1 Prenatal visit

Birth Planning Session

Labor, birth and immediate postpartum support

1 postpartum visit

Phone support as needed up to 6 weeks postpartum

On call beginning at 38 weeks

Gift for baby including optional Placenta print

Beloved Birth

From $1,800

Birth Planning Session
Prenatal Nutrition Session
Comfort Measures Session
Support during labor birth and
Phone support as needed up to 6 weeks postpartum
On call at 38 weeks 
2 Postpartum follow-up visits

3 pre-portioned postpartum meals
Postpartum Self Care Kit
Gift for baby
Placenta print framed (optional)

Doula Deluxe

From $2,500

Prenatal Nutrition Session

Birth Planning Session

Comfort Measures session

On call at 38 weeks 

Labor birth & immediate postpartum support

Unlimited phone support through pregnancy until 6wks postpartum

2 Postpartum follow-up visits

Postpartum Self care kit

9 pre-portioned Postpartum meals

Postpartum vaginal steam session including additional herbs for continual steaming  

Gentle womb massage session

Natural Baby Formula Making Session with materials included Or Initial Lactation Visit with 1 follow-up

Gifts for baby and  placenta print 

Prices of services are subject to change at any time

Beloved Birth Package
Fertility Doula
Labor of Love Package
Doula Deluxe Package
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