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*Do you have a picky eater and you want them to eat better?
*Are you having trouble thinking of  combinations that will not overwhelm your child?
*Do you want to change your child's eating habits but it doesn't seem like anything you find is simple?
*Do you think changing these habits will be expensive and you cannot think of affordable meals?

                           This is for you mama/papa! 
I have created a list of over 60 simple and inexpensive meal ideas for your child to help expand their palate and pull them away from the pizza and mac and cheese!

This list will make the transition to better fueling your child much easier!
If your ultimate goal is to go meatless, this list will be a great help to transition your child as well!

This list includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack time combinations.

Once you purchase your list, it will come directly to you by email for you to download and always have with you!

Child's Meal Guide


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