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This amazng blend of pure organic fruit extracts and herbs make the perfect combination for a healthy ph balance, increased vaginal wetness, increased libido and a literal sweeter expeirience below for men and women.


Men and Women!


Begin taking daily to allow it time to get into your system, test out the results with your partner to see if you need to take more the basic dosage recommended.

For optimal and quick results, a clean diet is recommended, highly recommended, but not necessary to acheive overall results.



"Stormi, listen! My wife tastes so good. Just like fruit! At first there was no bitter after taste anymore. Now each time she taste more and more like fruit. I haven't let her try on me yet. I'll come back on that one!"


"Just like FRUIT! That's all I am gonna say. Just make sure we don't run out of it!"


"Please tell me you gone make this regularly. At this point we never want to run out. It works great for both of us and she spends more time down there now, you feel me?"



60 capsules per bottle/pack.



These statements are not evaluated by the FDA and do not represent medical advice. Please consult your physician before using. This item is not to be used to replace or disreguard any professional medical advice or treatment. This is not a supplement, nor a substiute for any current medications.

Indulgence The Sweet Secretion Enhancer 3.0


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