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While fevers are an indicator that our bodies are fighting off something effectively, it can make us miserable, and if it's too high, it can affect our brains and more.

It's important to understand that suppressing a fever is never the intention. Helping it break or run its course faster or to where it affects you our your babies less is the key to this remedy.

Herbs have been a remedy for centuries for families, and this is perfect for yours. It can help break you or your childs fever or bring it down to a tolerable temperature so you and your babies seem more like yourself. This blend will also help combat mucus and a cough.

In addition, please stay hydrated and stay away from mucus forming foods. Also, work hard to keep all airways clear.

This bath and tea blend can be used multiple times daily if needed!

This blend is safe for everyone in your family!

You can simply add the herbal blend to the reusable teabag (our gift to you) and use it for a bath and / or save some and drink as tea!

Family Fever Blend


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