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2oz **FENUGREEK FREE*This herbal blend was specially made to help aid in lactation.Great for postpartum in general, this super convenient tincture is sure to calm your breastfeeding worries, boost your supply and help with overall postpartum healing. Made with herbs traditionally used to  help increase quantity and quality of milk (galactagogues) as well as support a nursing mother's overall health.  NOTE: Most breastfeeding moms do not need herbs to establish a good supply, if you feel that you are not making enough milk, please get support and information from a Lactation Consultant or your local La Leche League Leader.        These statements are not evaluated by the FDA and do not represent medical advice.Please consult your physician before using. This item is not to be used  to replace or disreguard any professional medical advice or treatment. This is not a supplement, nor a substiute for any current medications.

Liquid Gold Lactation Tincture


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