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This is excellent for women who have imbalances and need customized assistance. 

Ingredients are chosen based off of questionnaire submission!



Please answer the following questions in the custom text section -

Custom Questionnaire 

If you could tell me about your past births or pregnancies (just the types and if they were smooth or traumatic)

Your period:
Cycle time?
Period length?
Color from start to finish?
Clotting or mucus?
Pads, tampons, or cup?

Any cysts? 



Are you on any form of HC at the moment?

Any concerns you have or anything you would like to enhance?

Knowing all of this will help me make a custom steam blend just for you!

Also answer these questions as well in the checkout notes!





Custom Vaginal Steam Blends

  • *Please  read entire description*
    If you have found your way to this link, you are looking for a personalized healing experience while using the power of Vaginal Steaming!

    Is this option best for me? 
    The custom blend option is great for:
    Chronic infections
    Fertility/ trying to conceive
    And more!

    This price includes 1 bag, which is enough for 2 steams. Please contact me before selecting this blend to be sure this is the best option for you!

    Once this is added to your cart, please be sure to include your imbalances and goals in your checkout notes. 
     If you do not follow these directions, I will send you a gentle blend!

    -You are pregnant or think you may be pregnant! 
    -You are bleeding
    -Have a vaginal infection or open wounds.
    -When trying to support infertility or a specific condition where there may be particular contraindications to be aware of.
    If you have and IUD: Please steam in 10 minute intervals only!
    Please consult before ordering if you have any imbalances to see if this blend is right for you! Simply contact me from this site! 

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