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In these times its so easy to introduce carcinogens to your body. By way of food, envoirment, body products, medicine and more. 

This blend is combining the powerful impact of Soursop along with other cancer inhibiting herbs tinot a tincture that can be taken daily by itself or along with any treatment, 

This blend encodurages heathy cell regeneration and inhibits the work of carcinogens in our bodies as well as the growth of c*ncerous cells.

Great for everyone- even if you are not battling with the C Word.

For optimal results, a plantbased lifestyle is highly encouraged.


Ingredients: Soursop, holy basil, burdock and more


These Products are not approved by the FDA. Please consult with physician before  using any products on our site, we do not provide  any medical advice, simply education. Always research before using.

The C Word Elixir C*ncer fighting blend


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