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 Are you ready for Sweet Lovin? Well..... are you!?


This love liqueur is gently powerful, warm, and sweet! This syrup blend is revered for increasing sexual and physical endurance, stamina, energy and resistance to all types of stress in men and women.


This will also stimulate circulation and create warmth in your core, radiate heat to sensual places and create a sweet tasting yoni over time with continued use!


Tips for use:

Add drops daily to your drinks for a sweet tasting yoni and a sweeeeet intimate experience.

Drop directly into your mouth daily.

Delicately drizzling this nectar on to your lovers body safe to drizzle and lick anywhere. Drizzle over sliced, ripe strawberries, peaches, bananas, cubes of rich cake, then seductively feed him or her bits of this decadent syrup.


Created using a detailed and extensive 3 step process to ensure quality and an amazing experience!


Dosage:Initial dosage:

30-35 drops. You are welcome to take more if this amount is not enough for you. Results vary!


This is an herbal blend that benefits men and women in various ways. Following initial doseae, use as much as you need! There is no way to overdose!

Excellent for men and women. You will need to try different amounts to see what works for you.




Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. These statements are not evaluated by the FDA and do not represent medical advice. Please consult your physician before using. This item is not to be used to replace or disreguard any professional medical advice or treatment. This is not a supplement, nor a substiute for any current medications.

Sweet Lovin' Syrup (Random Flavors)


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